“Faced with the white support, I see shapes appearing which are constantly moving and modifying. You must then grab one on the fly to start work. The rest follows, slow, strange, astonishing. You have to accept it, then order it, that is to say arrange it on the support according to the balance of the whole. The beginning of a painting reveals more moods, atmospheres, climates. Then it’s time for the unknown; to his pleasure, to the difficulty of going ever further in sensitivity and subtlety. Painting seduces me with the infinity of color vibrations it offers. As for drawing, I appreciate it for its spontaneity and the sensuality of the line. It is an intimate expression which is for me the chamber music of painting. »
Various exhibitions, in Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), and abroad (Urbino, Ginestretto, Italy). Works acquired by the Geneva Museum, and by various individuals in several countries in Europe and America.